How to Get Medical Access to Cannabis in Texas

How to Get Medical Access to Cannabis in Texas

Did you know getting access to Medical Cannabis in Texas is simple and seamless with our Thrive Medical Cannabis program? 

Since 2015 Texas has recognized Marijuana for medical use for Epilepsy. Since then, the qualifying conditions list has expanded, including PTSD and all forms of Cancer, as of last September 2021. 

Below are the steps on how to get a medical cannabis prescription: 

1. Request an Appointment 

If you aren’t sure if your diagnosis is eligible for treatment with medical cannabis, you can request a call back for a free eligibility consultation with Thrive Medical Cannabis. The knowledgeable staff will help you get the support you need. 

2. Complete a Virtual Visit With our Certified Cannabis Clinician 

Our providers will meet you virtually in a consultation to discuss why you want medical cannabis and discuss your top complaints/symptoms. If you qualify, you will be given a prescription based on the best product for your needs. 

3. Complete Product Purchase Direct With Dispensary 

Once you’ve had your consultation, you will be entered into the CURT registry and contacted by a dispensary within one business day following the appointment. The dispensary will help you find the best product options based on your prescription. The dispensary will give you three options for receiving your product: ● Pay to have the product shipped to your house using a courier service. ● Lastly, pick-up from one of the dispensaries’ drop-off locations; our store is the designated pick-up location for Texas Original in the greater Fort Worth area on Mondays and Thursdays. 

4. Schedule Follow Up Visits To Renew the Prescription 

Prescriptions are set for a specific duration of time, and you will need to have recurring follow-up appointments accordingly to keep your prescription active. This is a great time to assess how you are doing and if your prescription needs to change. 

Other Things to Note 

No prior diagnosis nor medical records for undiagnosed PTSD are necessary. Texas laws allow the treatment of an array of symptoms that come with PTSD. Common symptoms such as insomnia, aggression, intrusive thoughts, and anxiety can be improved with cannabinoids. Many cannabis clinicians can administer a PTSD assessment during your appointment to determine if you qualify. 

Medical records for all other qualifying conditions are required to get a prescription. 

If you have further questions on how to get a medical prescription, please email Thrive Medical Cannabis at:

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