What is a CBD Massage?

What is a CBD Massage?

CBD massage and CBD oil are becoming household names. Since becoming legalized in the United States in 2018, CBD has soared to popularity due to its organic nature and benefits. It is now featured in many skincare and cosmetic products because of the positive effects on the mind and body for the better. CBD lotions and oils are utilized for pain relief, stress, and anxiety relief, and these lotions are now being used in massages. CBD massages are held in high regard by celebrities, wellness experts, fitness enthusiasts, stay-at-home moms, overworked office employees, stressed-out college students, and more.

The Benefits of a CBD Massage

CBD oil alone has a variety of benefits that affect the human body. Our latest article entitled “What does CBD oil feel like?” goes into more detail about CBD oil types and how it reacts with the body. Massages are already proven to relax, relieve sore muscles and ease aches and pains. When combining these two powerhouses, you will receive an incredible massage that includes the long-lasting effects of CBD. Everyone experiences CBD differently, but we will discuss the most popular and most common reasons for a CBD massage.

Reduce Tension with a CBD Massage

One of the main reasons people book a massage is to relieve tension in their muscles due to work, exercise, or other factors in their lives. CBD binds with the Endocannabinoid System in the body to help relieve muscle tension. You can read more about how CBD oil reacts with the body’s ECS in our article titled “Where To Buy CBD Near Me?”

Even though a deep tissue massage with CBD will feel like a regular deep tissue massage, the CBD lotion adds more tension-relieving benefits than an ordinary cream or massage oil would, extending tension relief feelings.

Relieve Stress and Anxiety

A massage is typically done in a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Massages don’t always have to be for muscle soreness or tension; however, relieving pain in the body also helps ease stress and anxiety. When combined with CBD oil, a massage will help to melt away the anxiety and stress. CBD oil binds with the ECS receptors to balance stress and anxiety in the brain, leaving you feeling serene, calm, and light. You will feel the long-lasting effects long after you leave your message.

Alleviate Inflammation

Researchers have studied the inflammatory properties of CBD and have found that CBD oil helps to aid in alleviating inflammation. This is especially helpful for those who experience arthritis, joint and muscle problems, and other inflammatory diseases. A lymphatic massage or a deep tissue massage can help relieve inflammation in the body. CBD will add to that by penetrating through the skin and aiding in the inflammatory process.

Sleep Better after a CBD Massage

No one turns down the chance to have a more restful sleep. Massaging CBD oil or lotion into the skin already helps relieve tension, stress, and anxiety, but did you know CBD also aids in helping to fall asleep? Studies have shown the effects of CBD on people with insomnia, and it has proven to be a natural and beneficial way to fall asleep and more peacefully. Some CBD massage oils are mixed with essential oils like lavender to add to the already powerful sleep aid.

Where to Get a CBD Massage

Because products like CBD lotion and oil exist, you don’t have to go out and get a massage to reap the benefits of CBD. You can do it yourself at home. CBD massage products are readily available at a wellness store or a CBD store similar to our boutique, Thrive Apothecary. We offer various high-quality CBD massage oils, CBD massage lotions, and other products that contain CBD.

You can shop in-store or online, and our experienced and knowledgeable staff can guide you in the direction of the products that will benefit you most. Whether you are enjoying a massage at home or the spa, having CBD oil on hand will allow you to feel the effects of CBD on your mind, body, and soul.

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