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CBDistillery Sleep Gummies 30mg - Zero THC

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The CBD Gummies for sleep is made up using a unique blend of plant extracts. The formula bears naturally-occurring CBD that are handpicked from the best quality cannabis plants. Specially curated for improving the sleep quality of users, the gummies have no side-effects. Each gummy serve enough melatonin that helps improve sleep cycle slowly but steadily. Doctors often prescribe the CBD sleep gummies to insomniac patients, or people suffering from anxiety and stress. With a serving size of 30mg, the gummies can be used regularly.


On ingestion, the CBD gummies release the components directly to the bloodstream. Unlike other sleeping pills, this product has a higher absorption rate meaning lesser wastage. The cannabinoids then act upon the entire nervous system creating a calm and relaxed environment. They also prevent the pituitary gland from releasing stress hormones further. This initiates the sleeping cycle in a person naturally and without any side-effects.

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