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CBD Peppermint/Orange Bath Salt - 38mg - Full Spectrum

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Full Spectrum
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The Clean Remedies bath salts have a refreshing infusion of peppermints and oranges. This will instantly light up your spirits and rejuvenate your senses as soon as you enter your bath. Apart from their aromatherapy benefits, they also help in calming the skin and keeping it healthy. The 2oz or 58gm pack consists of 38mg of kosher certified full-spectrum and USDA certified organic hemp extract.


A full spectrum actually means that the products consist of all the cannabinoids that naturally occur within a hemp plant. It will also contain THC that produces psychoactive effects. But the percentage is so low and the presence of other compounds like terpenes and flavonoids will automatically counteract any unnecessary side effects. In fact, the full spectrum products will contain barely 0.3% of THC. However, this full-spectrum hemp extract will create an “entourage effect” that will enhance the product’s effectiveness when all compounds present will interact with each other.

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