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CBD Farmhouse Delta-8 Chocolate Moonrocks 25mg

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We’re proud to present you with our newest collaboration with Moonrock Chocolates! Handcrafted with the finest ingredients, Guittard white chocolate and your favorite cereals combined.

Every piece contains 25 milligrams of Delta-8, and beginners should start with one or half of one piece to get acquainted with this cannabinoid’s distinctive effects. Each flavor was carefully developed to provide users with a completely unique flavor profile that is just as exciting as the Delta-8 itself.

There are several other forms of cannabinoids, but the Delta-8 CBD compound is very stable. Unlike other forms of CBD, this has more shelf life with almost no side effects. Delta 8 gummies will give that euphoric, relaxed feel without any loss of control. It effectively helps to cope with anxiety and stress.

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