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Hemp Flower Hawaiian Haze - 3.5g

Full Spectrum
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Looking as though it was straight dipped in pollen before it was cured, this year’s crop of Hawaiian Haze was hemp done right. A cross of DC Haze and ERB, its hybrid nature is at the same time calming and social. Higher amounts of consumption tends to bring out the indica qualities of this flower, while lower levels show her sativa qualities, so users should be aware of her dose-dependent fickleness.

A strain whose award-winning genetics continue to impress beginners and connoisseurs alike, one of the greatest aspects of HH is in its versatility. Due to its extremely high cannabinoid content, Hawaiian does well for those who want to make their own extracts or oils, but the flower itself is a pleasure to smoke on its own. So trichome-covered it appears white, the Haze looks great and smells even better with an aroma that can be described only as pine-sol on crack.

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