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CBD Oil Coconut - 125mg

Full Spectrum
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The Holistic Hemp coconut oil is safe to use by both pets and humans. This CBD oil is 100% natural and vegan. There are no strict guidelines for the consumption of this oil. Most people like to take it sublingually or under the tongue. You can wait for at least five minutes till it is fully absorbed and then eat or drink something. There is no correct dosage, but many people take anywhere between 5-25 mg per day.


The CBD is infused in coconut oil as it can be consumed or used topically by many people unlike other oils which can cause allergy. You can administer the CBD infused coconut oil to your pets by adding a few drops to their food. If your pet is always nervous or anxious and panics on certain occasions, CBD can help calm them down. Just use it once a day in small amounts to see how they adjust to it initially.

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