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Meet Dr. Lisa

In persuit of better care.

Dr. Lisa Gardner is a celebrated board-certified & surgically trained physician who has been in practice for nearly 20 years. While working in corporate health care for many years, Dr. Lisa grew ever more dissatisfied with the increased emphasis on prescription drugs. After questioning the long-term effects of traditional medicine with her patients, she sought an alternative and discovered the benefits of CBD oil.


Unfortunetly, not all CBD is created equal.  


In order to ensure that her patients and customers had access to the highest quality products on the market, Dr. Lisa co-founded Thrive Apothecary, a boutique store with a uncommon committment to quality.



Uncommon commitment to quality.

Every product offered by Thrive Apothecary must first go through a rigorous vetting, testing and selection process before it can be qualified as "Doctor Approved CBD". 


For this reason, customers from across the country have absolute confidence that every product they purchase from Thrive Apothecary has met or exceeded our quality standards.

“What planet Earth gives us is far more powerful than what can be found at the bottom of a pill bottle.”

Pursuing wellness, one week at a time.

The Out of the Box Doc podcast

This powerful weekly podcast, "Out of the Box Doc" features Dr. Lisa Gardner, a board-certified, award-winning surgeon and co-founder of Thrive Apothecary headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas.


Dr. Lisa has set out to discover natural solutions for avoiding sickness and achieving a sustainable wellness lifestyle, hopefully long before people must succumb to taking prescribed synthetic pills for the rest of their life.


Subscribe to the Out of the Box Doc podcast and join Dr. Lisa on her daily quest to help people avoid the bottom of a pill bottle and achieve their best wellness lifestyle.

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