Meet Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Gardner is a board-certified & surgically trained physician who has been in practice for nearly 20 years. She worked in corporate health care for years before growing dissatisfied with the lack of emphasis on the doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Lisa founded Thrive Apothecary for people seeking a healthy, holistic lifestyle. After questioning the long-term effects of traditional medicine with her patients, she sought an alternative and discovered the benefits of CBD oil. In order to ensure that her patients and customers had access to the highest quality products on the market, she founded her own boutique store where all products go through a rigorous vetting and selection process to ensure her patients, friends, family, and community receive only the highest quality products on the market. 

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Dr. Gardner’s continual pursuit to provide the best possible care for her patients has garnered her numerous awards, accolades, and national recognition throughout her exciting medical career, including being named “Top Doctor in the Country” by Newsweek Magazine.

Dr. Lisa Gardner found Thrive Apothecary with her husband, Trey Phillips. Trey is a retired Sergeant with the Fort Worth Police Department who served at the highest levels of the department’s Tactical Operations Division, including as a Team Leader in SWAT, where he engaged in over a thousand tactical operations, including high-risk search warrants, hostage situations, and armed barricaded criminals.

Thrive Apothecary immediately gained significant traction with thousands of people pouring in. This success thrusted Dr. Gardner and Trey into the spotlight as they became leading CBD advocates in the city, region, and the state of Texas. As the popularity of CBD grew so did their reputation. They found themselves being sought out by numerous media print publications and television news outlets to provide their insights and expertise. This unsolicited, yet welcomed platform, gave them the opportunity to share their story and passion about CBD with hundreds of thousands of people. They would eventually find themselves in the national spotlight after a television news interview with NBC 5 in Dallas-Fort Worth captured national media attention.

Trey also spent significant time at the State Capitol, lobbying for both hemp legislation and medicinal cannabis reform.