CBD Skin Care Co Conditioner


Our specifically formulated CBD oil infused conditioner also contains Hexapeptide-11, Swertia japonica extract, and fruit extracts. Additionally, our CBD infused conditioner contains sea buckthorn seed oil and fennel seed extract, both known to enhance microcirculation of the scalp and improve epidermal regeneration.

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CBD Skin Care Co Conditioner

The CBD Skin care co conditioner arrives bearing organic CBD extracts that are handpicked from superior quality hemp plants. The formulation also includes Hexapeptide-11, Swertia japonica, and other fruit extracts. Combined, these components give off a smooth, long-lasting effect to the CBD infused conditioner. Additionally, many essential oils like buckthorn seed oil and fennel seed extracts enhance the entourage effect of the product. This allows the conditioner to better penetrate through the hair, making them healthy and smooth. They are also beneficial in improving microcirculation of the scalp and regeneration of the epidermis.

When applied, the CBD infused conditioner evenly spreads out to each strand of hair offering nourishment. A continual usage can help get rid of dandruffs and scalp problems including excessive hair fall. It also has a sweet smell that stays for days with a single application. Unlike other conditioners, the formula starts its benefits almost instantly, thus, has a higher efficacy. The components are also slowly released to the body, making the benefits last longer.

CBD Infused Conditioner

As the product does not bear any artificial supplements, there are no risks for allergy. However, people taking powerful medications may need a professional consultation before usage. Similarly, the conditioner should never be used on the scalp of smaller children or any severe skin conditions.


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