CBD Skincare Co Shampoo


Along with natural exfoliating fruit extracts and full spectrum organic CBD oil, our CBD shampoo contains ingredients to strengthen hair and improve growth. Our unique hemp shampoo contains Swertia japonica extract, a traditional Japanese hair care ingredient for hair loss, and Hexapeptide-11, a bio-fermented peptide clinically determined to increase collagen production and improve hair growth.


CBD Skincare Co Shampoo

The CBD shampoo comes bearing naturally-occurring hemp extracts that helps strengthen each hair strand. Infused with full-spectrum organic CBD oil and Hexapeptide-11, and Swertia Japonica extract, it is the best haircare product. The organic CBD extracts ensure a healthy scalp with regular blood flow. When it comes in contact with the skin, it gives off a fresh feel which can easily last long for hours. Similarly, the Swertia Japonica extract ensures that each hair strand receives nourishment. Regular usage of the product helps in enhancing hair growth with less hair fall problems. Moreover, the Hexapeptide-11 is a bio-fermented peptide that has been proven useful for initiating collagen production.

On administration, the components instantly start working on the scalp. The product gives off a rich lather, that helps get rid of all dust, dirt with a single usage. For better results, the shampoo can be used regularly. As they come with greater entourage effect, their benefits still work even after washing the hair. The hemp shampoo has a mild refreshing smell, that lasts for couple of days easily. Being completely organic, using the hemp shampoo has no side-effects on people of all age groups.

Hemp Shampoo

However, as precautionary measures, people suffering from chronic hair fall or any scalp infections should avoid using the product. They might need a professional consultation and physical examination.


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