Clean Remedies 1200mg Zero THC


Broad Spectrum Oil comes from the hemp plant and contains all the cannabinoids without the THC. Broad Spectrum Oil is a combination of cannabinoids as well as many essential vitamins and minerals, fatty acids, flavonoids and terpenes. This is the closest you can get to Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Oil while also having no THC.


Clean Remedies 1200mg Zero THC

The unique formulation braces the goodness of 100 percent organic CBD extracts with no THC. The broad spectrum CBD oil is highly preferred for patients with chronic anxiety and stress issues. Infused with many essential oils, vitamins, and minerals, flavonoids, fatty acids, and terpenes, this is the purest form of CBD oil. While the cannabinoids act on the nervous system, other components help enhance the product’s entourage effect. Proven to be very useful in treating neuropathic pain, the cannabinoids stop the release of stress hormones by numbing the pain. They bind with the pain receptors that disrupts normal communication with the brain. So, the brain stops producing stress hormones and goes back to its relaxed state.

The components get instantly dissolved in the bloodstream, reducing wastage and further break down by enzymes. Unlikely other full extract CBD oils, this formula does not make the user tipsy. So, there are no drug-dependency risks for the user. It comes in a bottle with an attached dropper that helps measure the exact amount of the CBD oil. The formula has a sweet smell and can be used regularly.

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

It is essential for people consuming powerful medications to get a consultation before using the broad spectrum CBD oil. Pregnant and lactating ladies should also avoid using it.


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