Holistic Hemp Bath Bombs – Eucalyptus Mint


Made with luxury spa ingredients, a hidden amethyst or quartz crystal, and organic American hemp oil – Holistic Hemp Co.’s over-sized bath bombs are the perfect addition to your bathing routine. Soak in the beauty of holistic relaxation. This is not your traditional bath bomb. Made with European clay and essential oils, but without artificial ingredients. They are slow dissolving, and do not excessively fizz, making them usable for at least 2 soaks if you’d like! Simply drop the Bath Bomb into your tub, and let it slowly dissolve (about halfway). Take out and place on a draining soap dish to re-use next time.

Size: 4 oz each

Hemp Extract: 20 mg CBD each

We recommend following your bath with our Hemp and Peppermint topical Massage Oil to nourish and brighten the skin. You can view it here.

Ingredients: Lavender – Lemongrass

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Holistic Hemp Bath Bombs – Eucalyptus Mint

The holistic hemp bath bombs with mint and eucalyptus aren’t just any ordinary bath bombs. The luxurious spa ingredients have the holistic benefits of quartz or amethyst crystals. The CBD oil bath bomb has an infusion of organic American hemp oil which provides nourishment to the skin.

Organic hemp oil is very light on the skin, so it won’t make your skin or bathtub feels greasy later on. It features soothing skin ingredients that would ward off infection and dryness without making you feel uncomfortable. Soaking in these bath bombs for a few minutes will instantly give you a relaxed and calm mood. It’s not just about therapeutic relaxation, but it will heal your body and mind after a hectic day. These CBD oil bath bombs consist of essential oils like eucalyptus and mint. Eucalyptus and mint help in clearing congestion coughs and has known ant-bacterial benefits.

CBD Oil Bath Bomb

CBD helps in muscle or joint pains and has the potential to relieve body soreness. These bath bombs with 20mg CBD each to be used twice. You can soak them as required for the first time. Then remove and dry it to use the next time. It is value for money, especially with all its therapeutic and holistic benefits.


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