Mary’s Transdermal Patch


The Mary’s 10mg Transdermal Patch utilizes patented technology to deliver a slow and steady release of hemp-extract throughout the day. This calming, plant-based blend is an easy to use and discreet way to feel the benefits of organically grown hemp extract for 10-12 hours.

Formulated To

  • Provide a convenient, long-lasting, and discreet delivery method
  • Release steadily into the bloodstream for a systemic effect
  • Deliver accurate and consistent serving of organically grown hemp extract


Mary’s Transdermal Patch

Mary’s Transdermal Patch comes equipped with naturally occurring CBD extracts to provide instant pain relief. Each patch comes with a 10mg activated hemp extract, that slowly releases CBD to the bloodstream. The compound then initiates the production of relaxing hormones within our body, numbing out the pain. The patented technology is one-of-its-kind as it offers long-lasting relief with a single usage. A single patch can last for 10-12 hours, ensuring a steady supply of the compound.

After being applied, the effects start appearing slowly but steadily, therefore reducing the risks of a sudden immune response. The extracts also get directly absorbed without further breakage. This makes the patches a more preferable substitute to pain-relief medications or CBD-inhalations. Based upon body texture and absorption rate, it may take anywhere from 20-30 minutes for the effects to kick in. It is completely safe to use the transdermal patch on any body part and even during muscle spasms.

CBD Transdermal Patch

The adhesive is skin-friendly and does not bear any harmful effects when left for long. Pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, or individuals with recent surgeries, however, need professional consultation before using these CBD patches. Some powerful medications might have severe reactions with the CBD extracts being released to your body.


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