Pebble 1500mg


Blended with hemp and MCT coconut oil, our formula includes monk fruit, apple and ginger extracts for a natural fruit sweetness. Effective and tasty for all mammals, especially dogs, cats and their humans. One superior formula in five different products, to meet the needs of you and your loved ones

  • The “1500 Oil” –  Our go-to product for moderate needs & large pets.
  • 50 mg CBD, 10 mg CBG, 10 mg CBC per serving · por porção
  • 30 servings per 1 oz bottle · 30 porções por garrafa de 1 onça



Pebble 1500mg

Pebble’s 1500mg is hemp oil that boasts a multi-cannabinoid formulation that is effective for all mammals– both humans and their furry friends! This full-spectrum CBD oil is a blend of organically grown hemp and monk fruit, apple, and ginger extracts which deliver a sweet linger on one’s palate. Unlike most other CBD rich hemp oil, Pebble’s hemp oil comes with a fruity taste to it without losing any of its potency. Instead, to add to the potency the blend is infused with MCT coconut oil.

Pebble Life Sciences uses top-notch research-based pharmaceutical ingredients for their products. All testing and formulation take place in a GMP-certified facility under the supervision of experienced scientists. The proprietary ratios are blended with plant-based anti-inflammatory terpenes to maximize the CBD oil effects. This particular hemp oil brings together the goodness and benefits of CBD, CBC, and CBG in a 30ml bottle that gives up to 30 servings. The convenient and travel-friendly packaging makes it a must-have in your go-to luggage.

Hemp Oil

For most effectiveness or faster absorption, take the oil sublingually (drop the tincture underneath your tongue with 1 mL calibrated dropper), or add a few droplets to your favorite beverage! It is also an edible delight to add to your pets’ food: a few droplets once in a while should complete their CBD routine.


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