Pharaohs Organic Hemp Colas 3.5g


Hemp Colas 3.5g from Pharaohs are made with USDA Certified Organic hemp. The cola is the single most desirable bud from the hemp plant. Additionally, it is the highest in cannabinoids and terpenes with the most pleasurable experience. Furthermore, they only use Hemp Colas to ensure their proprietary blends achieve superior cannabinoid profiles. Lastly, they selectively hand-pick and hand-trim their hemp cola’s to give you hours of enjoyment.



Pharaohs Organic Hemp Colas

The Pharaohs Organic Hemp Colas is a medically-safe cannabinoid product designed for instant relief from anxiety and stress. Made from USDA Organic hemp, it contains many essential fatty acids and proteins. It comes in a 3.5g sealed packet which can be used several times as directed by the physician. The product is extracted from the hemp plant’s bud which has the highest hemp content. Thus, it has a comparatively higher penetration and absorption rate against other stress-relieving medications. When inhaled, it directly goes into the bloodstream, acting upon the pituitary gland. This induces a pleasurable effect as the nervous system relaxes.

Depending upon the individual’s body capability, the effect may stay for a couple of hours. Unlike transdermal CBD patches, organic hemp starts its actions utmost immediately. The extracts are also proven useful in reducing health issues resulting due to inflammation of a body part. Upon smoking, the extracts reach the target and diminish the pain and swelling with the help of its anti-inflammatory properties. The organic hemp is a great substitute for painkillers for arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other joint pains.

Organic Hemp

However, pregnant ladies, lactating mothers, and people having recent surgeries should refrain from using the product. Some medications can also react aggressively with the components, so a professional consultation is necessary.


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