Tonic Zen Dog Treats


Organic, gluten- and grain-free biscuits to help your pup with pain, anxiety, epilepsy, inflammation, and immune function.
Pups need good vibes too. These vegan biscuits have 4mg of CBD in each to give those pups anxiety and pain relief.


Tonic Zen Dog Treats

The Tonic Zen Dog Treats are safe for your pups as they are grain-free, gluten-free, and organic. The biscuits have 4mg of CBD which won’t make your beloved pet high or get negatively addicted. It has no significant side effects. Still, a consultation with your vet will be better before introducing the treats.

This CBD for pets is very beneficial for dogs experiencing digestive issues, arthritis, nausea, and seizures. Some dogs go through fear, anxiety, and depression that can adversely affect their behavior towards you. For example, dogs may have separation anxiety, get scared of strangers or fireworks, or even PTSD if they were rescued from a scarring or uncomfortable housing situation. The dosage of the CBD dog treats will be far more straightforward than capsules or tinctures. You don’t have to measure them out, and they will be eager to have the treat so it will be effortless.

CBD for Pets

This CBD for pets comes with the goodness of pumpkin, and you will find the recommended dosage behind the package. However, always start your pets with little less than what the packaging states. That way, you will know straight away your pet likes it or not, and whether the treats suit its health.


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