WelCel™ by Dr. Lisa Gardner – 500mg Hemp CBD Oil


Dr. Lisa Gardner, Fort Worth’s “Top Doc” and Newsweek’s “Top Doctor In The Country,” has created this formula with 20mg per serving of Full Spectrum CBD from whole-plant hemp oil, plus her proprietary blend of turmeric oil, peppermint oil, and ginger oil, each with their own documented wellness benefits, to create a more potent entourage effect.

All WelCel™ CBD products are tested far beyond State and Federal requirements. Third-party analytical lab testing is conducted for purity, impurities, pesticides, mold, and mildew. Testing results are readily available for distribution at https://welcel.com/lab-reports. This ensures our full-spectrum hemp CBD Extract is the cleanest on the market.



WelCel CBD Hemp Oil

Formulated by Dr. Lisa Gardner, the WelCel CBD hemp oil comes bearing relaxing properties. With each serving, you get a potent formula of organic CBD along with many essential oils. These include peppermint oil, turmeric, and ginger oil. While the components help enhance the entourage effect of the product, CBD instantly reduces anxiety and stress. As it comes within a bottle with a dropper, each serving is around 20mg. The full spectrum CBD is fully organic and hence bears no side-effects. When used, the formulation instantly releases cannabinoids to the bloodstream which then works on the whole nervous system. The compound stops the release of stress hormones, therefore creating a calming environment for the individual.

The full spectrum CBD hemp oil comes pre-tested for purity, mold, mildew, and pesticides. For better results, the product needs to be used regularly. However, the dosage should be as directed by the physician to avoid the risk of overdosage. Unlike other anxiety-relievers, it does not bear risks for dependencies on the product. Hence, it is one of the best preferred CBD oil for anxiety.

Full Spectrum CBD

As precautionary measures, pregnant or lactating women should refrain from using the product. It is essential to ask for a professional consultation before ingesting the formula through any method. The same applies to diabetic or people who have had recent surgeries.