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URB Delta-9 THCO + Delta-8 Live Resin Disposable Vape (3ML)

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A combination of pure Delta-9 THCO and Delta-8 Live Resin. Delta 9 THC-O is said to be 3x stronger than regular Delta-9 THC and 6x stronger than Delta-8 THC, giving more potent and longer lasting effects than standard THC.

L.A. Wedding Pop

  • L.A. Wedding Pop is the perfect combination of spiced pepper and bright, sweet vanilla to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Mango Kush

  • Mango kush’s tropical sweetness paired with ripe mango creates the best island infusion.
The 3mL disposable is newly engineered from the ground up with a sleek design fully showcasing the oil, with robust internals to support the entire duration of the tank.  The device has a signature Urb leaf button with both preheat and variable voltage settings for a customizable user experience. The updated ceramic coil is larger in size and has increased porosity translating to better flavor and smoother hits all the way through. Lastly we decreased the size of the oil intake hole and increased the size of the internal post, better regulating the amount of oil feeding into the coil and giving more clearance for airflow to the coil, further reducing the risk of clogging.

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